About Louise

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Louise's Interests

Louise enjoys all kinds of handwork. She is filled with joy when she transforms simple materials, such as paper, fabric, thread and yarn, into lively, beautiful creations. Origami, embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet, beading, making miniatures are just some of her interests. Currently, her favorite craft is origami.

Besides doing crafts, Louise also love information technology because of its empowering capabilities. She is often fascinated by new information technology and the exciting changes on the Web. Being a crafter who enjoys creating things by hands, it is very natural that she is a die-hard coder and she creates Web sites, including this one, by hand coding every single line. It is time consuming, but she has as much fun as doing crafts!

Louise's Online Business

Louise started her online business by accident. Years ago, She came across some very nice craft tools. She liked them so much that she ordered in bulk and started selling them. As the online business grows, a few items have grown into hundreds of different items. Louise is always looking for new craft supplies and gift items for herself and her customers.

Louise has a day-time job and she doesn't have to rely on this online business for a living. She continues the online store for fun and extra income. That's why she can afford to keep the profit margin low so that her customers can get the supplies at a low price.

Louise at Craft Faires

Being a complusive crafter, Louise creates more craft items than she could ever give away to friends and family. So, she sells them at craft faires. Thanks to her loyal customers, Louise continues to think of new craft ideas and create new products throughout the year to keep up with the demand.